Homer Neal Symposium
Saturday, April 12, 2014

Homer A. Neal
Invited Speakers
Christine Aidala (University of Michigan)
Eduard Burelo (Cinvestav IPN)
Marjorie Corcoran (Rice University)
James Duderstadt (University of Michigan)
Howard Gordon (Brookhaven National Lab)
Paul Grannis (SUNY Stonybrook)
Gary Krenz (University of Michigan)
Jean Krisch (University of Michigan)
Michael Longo (University of Michigan)
Jennifer McCormick (Mayo Clinic)
Shawn McKee (University of Michigan)
Harold Ogren (Indiana University)
Jianming Qian (University of Michigan)
Dennis Sivers (Portland Physics Institute)
Tobin Smith (Association of American Universities)
Zhengguo Zhao (University of Science and Technology of China)
Organizing Committee
Alan Krisch (chair)
James Duderstadt
Stephen Forrest
Gary Krenz
James Liu
Jianming Qian
Ctirad Uher
Bing Zhou
The Homer Neal Symposium is sponsored in part by the University of Michigan Department of Physics, Office of the Vice President for Research, College of LSA and Rackham Graduate School.
For additional information, contact Beth Demkowski (demkowsk@umich.edu)